[vlc-devel] Advertising need for MacOS X developers?

Felix Paul Kühne fkuehne.videolan at googlemail.com
Mon May 25 18:39:08 CEST 2009

Am 25.05.2009 um 16:42 schrieb andre John Mas:

> Hi,
> Given that there is a lack of MacOS X developers on the team, I was  
> wondering what you would think of adding an announcement to the  
> MacOS X forum, inviting any interested developers? If you are okay  
> with this, what do you reckon the requirements should be? For  
> example, areas of expertise and estimated numbers of availability?

I support this idea. However, we do so in the past, which didn't  
actually lead to any new devs. Still, feel free to do so again.

Requirements, well, the ability to write clean, readable and  
maintainable code. After having compiled VLC once (and having  
understood what you actually did), developing VLC for Mac is almost as  
easy as developing any other OS X application. Please add a link to http://wiki.videolan.org/OSXCompile 
  in this context.

I learned C and Obj-C programming by just working on VLC (and by  
reading 2 nice books covering the languages [1]), which you can well  
see by having a look at my first contributions. VLC's code is  
undocumented as in terms of a PDF describing the API. However, there  
are headers with comments which are mostly named a lot like the  
functionality you are looking for. and there is IRC. It isn't hard. It  
just takes time (and sometimes a little more, as VLC is no typical OS  
X kid from the block. It's rather the peaky outsider who gets kicked  
by the big boys.). Interest to work on one of the major media players  
on the Mac with an installed user base of about 5 million clients is  
absolutely required of course.

Best regards,


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