[vlc-devel] Rethinking the Mac OS X GUI

Ruud Althuizen ruud at il.fontys.nl
Wed May 27 14:19:42 CEST 2009

On Wed 27 May 2009 02:17 PM, Jean-Baptiste Kempf wrote:
> On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 02:10:16PM +0200, Ruud Althuizen wrote :
> > > If you want and are really serious, we can set up a git for you.
> > May I remind you both that there are (at least) two SoC projects working on
> > the GUI? It would be a shame if any of those or your project would go to
> > waste or collide with any other project.
> > 
> Wrong.
> SoC Projects are about Qt, not OSX
Yes, I know. But there probably is some overlap here and there. The media
library is an good example for that.

Ruud Althuizen

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