[vlc-devel] MacOS X and file references

Andre-John Mas ajmas at sympatico.ca
Sat May 30 19:27:34 CEST 2009

On 30-May-2009, at 13:16, Felix Paul Kühne wrote:

> Hello Andre-John
>> I noticed a behaviour in VLC, on MacOS X, that doesn't follow the  
>> standard behviour on this platform. Basically if I move a file on  
>> disc that is already in the playlist, but not playing, then double- 
>> clicking the file results and the file not being located.  
>> Generally, from my experience, applications try to maintain a  
>> reference to the file so that if the file is ever moved on the same  
>> disk it will still be locatable. If you use iTunes, for example you  
>> will be able to observe this behaviour, if you move an MP3 file on  
>> disk.
> Good point. This will probably needs fixing in VLC's core. Could you  
> create a trac ticket on it?

Done: https://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/2797

>> the only issue with the approach in the second link, is that it  
>> doesn't seem to be pure Cocoa, so it could be a breakage point in  
>> Leopard if VLC is made to be 64-bit. I will ask around to find out  
>> if there is a Cocoa equivalent of this functionality.
> That's no big deal. The File Manager was moved to CoreServices in  
> Mac OS X 10.4 and will stay functional with little exceptions in  
> future releases of Mac OS X. I'd strongly encourage you to write a  
> patch on this. A 64bit adaption could be done afterwards. It should  
> be trivial or perhaps not even necessary. Sticking to CoreServices's  
> plain C API would also be a good idea and a lot cleaner, so you  
> shouldn't even use Cocoa if you ask me ;-)

Having asked about this on the darwn-dev mailing list, it has been  
confirmed that there will be Carbon 64-bit, but there will be some  
deprecated APIs:

"The only parts of Carbon that are going away are the HIToolbox and a  
lot of deprecated technologies (QuickDraw, Internet Config, etc.). The  
alias manager isn't going away."

see: http://developer.apple.com/documentation/Carbon/Conceptual/Carbon64BitGuide/Introduction/Introduction.html

Before I even start writing a patch, I will have to spend time getting  
aquainted with the code base, so if someone wants to beat me to it I  
would be happy with that.


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