[vlc-devel] Getting proper network url for bindings...

Tony Anecito adanecito at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 3 20:03:52 CET 2009

Hi All,

In order to get wider response I am resending this as a generic issue for bindings in hope someone else in python or a different binding might have an answer.

For JVLC and I suspect all the other bindings they may have issues using calls to view videos via http because their mediadescriptor objects or something similar to that are trying to use the url for http that a user would enter instead of the one that was the url preprocessed to get the url that will work. I discovered a while ago this was true for JVLC and just recently as described below for JVLC.

I was able to verify that I can get JVLC to play the youtube videos by taking the location (VLC GUI label) url in the media information dialog and inputting that for the mediaplayer mediadescriptor object creation. I had to do this same operation for the mov files that are played via http. This url is what works with mediaplayer object and not the one the user of the vlc gui pastes into the open media network tab address textbox when wanting to open a network stream.

That said and hopefully understood the wider scope question for all bindings for vlc is now what function should be called against the vlc code that would take the youtube url and return the location url that works with the mediadescriptor object? For youtube the exact url that the location textbox displays changes dynamically over time. It is as if the standard youtube url points to another url that dynamically changes over time kind of like a DNS entry points to a server ip that can change but the DNS entry abstracts that away so the user does not need to know a server IP. This means for usability all bindings needs to call a vlc function that prepossesses the url of the youtube url to obtain the current url that works with the media object.

Hopefully the other bindings developers and someone on the vlc team understands what I tried to explain and can come up with an existing function we can use to take a url that we enter like a user of the gui and returns the derived url the mediadescriptor object needs.

Many Thanks,


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