[vlc-devel] [PATCH] GSoC: lua services discovery, core part

Fabio Ritrovato exsephiroth87 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 21:18:25 CET 2009

Hi everyone,
after the last changes you guys did to the SD interface, my services
discovery were not working anymore because of it.
After talking with j-b he told me that I should send the core part of
the work, and after that we'll figure something out for the interface.
So here it is, there are no actual SD in there, because the ones I
wrote all need the interface, but one could still start writing some
that don't need it (shoutcast for example).
A small recap of the patches:

1) Create uncachable modules, with it you can have drag & drop of the
lua SD, you just copy one in the share folder and it's loaded as soon
as you start vlc

2) The 3 new functions that are used to comunicate with SDs, ItemPut
is used to send data (a string) to an SD, that parses it and add to
itself (examples: for MTP, you pass a file path and the file is added
to the device, for youtube, you pass strings with search data, like
keywords, categories, and it create a node with the videos you want,
etc), ItemGet is to get items from an SD (example: MTP you transfer
files from a device to your hard disk), ItemDelete is the same, but it
deletes items...

3) It's just the lua backend for those 3 functions, and to load the modules...

Also, to better explain the SDs functions, that last were still not
fully understood, I saw that recently you are "reworking" the podcast
SD, and I think they are really useful for it: instead of needing a
dedicate configuration window, and having to constantly monitor a
variable to look for new urls, you just need to simply pass a string
with the url with ItemPut, and to remove one you use ItemDelete...

I hope this time will be able to finally merge them, so it'll be
easier to work on the second part and finally have the real modules...

Best regards,
Fabio Ritrovato
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