[vlc-devel] Qt media browser (playlist selector) reorganisation

Jakob Leben jakob.leben at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 06:57:57 CET 2009

Chatting with linkfanel we came to some conclusions:

1. Per-node (thus, per-client) notification is a no-go. Clients implement
ignoring events (for nodes) that they are not interested in.

2. Per-node children-fetching is cool.
Implementation: item tree belongs to the module. Fetching is a request from
a client to fetch children of a specific node. On first request for a node,
the module fetches data and fills the node with children, sending out a
notification about items inserted. Of course there must be either a valid
request to fetch children of null node (= imaginary root node) or separate
request to fetch top items.

3. It's important for a user to see and have quick access to available
plugins and to activate / deactivate them. Hence the interface shows a
drop-down box with checkable SD plugin items.

4. Nevertheless, the SD item categorization does not necessarily map to
plugins. Items spawned by plugins can be (and shall be) distributed into
meaningful categories.

5. It's still an open question whether a GUI stores enabled plugins list and
activates all last-enabled plugins already at startup. If we have the
beforementioned features of per-node fetching and well-exposed control of
plugin activation, then I think this is plausible enough.

Kind regards!
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