[vlc-devel] [PATCH] GSoC: lua services discovery, core part

Fabio Ritrovato exsephiroth87 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 11:34:48 CET 2009

> A) if you check the git version, there is not dedicate configuration window
> anymore.
> B) Currently, we are not "constantly monitoring a variable", but using a
> conditional variables to wake up the module thread, so with no request the
> module just sleeps.
> ...Although yes: having a dedicate interface for adding and removing SD
> items is more handy and beautiful than var_Set and var_Get.

Apparently I was a bit behind on that, but I think you got my point :)

> You're mixing up the stored cache and the module bank. A plugin may be
> absent from the stored cache. It will work, but it is a bad as it makes VLC
> startup much slower. But a plugin cannot be absent from the module bank,
> otherwise LibVLC cannot use it at all.

Yes, it will make vlc slower (not by much, it's not like you have to
load 2000 scripts), but it's either that, or caching them and every
time you load the cache check if the modules are still there, that's
even slower...
And they are in the module bank just as every other plugins, just they
don't get saved in the cache on exit...

> Yeah, I know, I am annoying...
> But those kind of feature are necessary to simplify our code and remove
> the shoutcast modules :D

Don't worry, I don't hold any grudge against you :D

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