[vlc-devel] mac build

Mike Schrag mschrag at pobox.com
Fri Oct 9 17:11:08 CEST 2009

>> If I build VLC on my macbook pro and attempt to use that build on  
>> my Mac
>> Mini, I get startup errors on the console about not being able to  
>> load the
>> various playback modules. I assume this is the result of hardware  
>> setting
>> and optimizations that my MBP is configured/built with.  This  
>> obviously is
>> not a problem with the production VLC.app distribution. Does anyone  
>> happen
>> to know the exact ./configure options that are used to build  
>> VLC.app on OS
>> X?
> You should run "make VLC-release.app" to get a redistributable VLC- 
> release.app.
Hi Pierre -- Yeah, that works fine for me, but the resulting build  
doesn't actually play video everywhere (if i build on my MBP it plays  
on my MBP but not on a Mini or an Air. If I build on the Mini, it  
plays on the Mini and my MBP, but not the Air). This leads me to  
believe it's a matter of getting the right options passed into ./ 
configure. Do you happen to know what parameters are used to ./ 
configure the official VLC.app build?


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