[vlc-devel] VLC problems with Darkerradio.com Shoutcast stream

Kaarlo Räihä agent_007 at luukku.com
Thu Oct 15 08:07:39 CEST 2009

Sven Krohlas kirjoitti 12.10.2009 kello 11:52:
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> Heya,
> yesterday I received reports from a listener that our Shoutcast radio
> station cannot be played with VLC. This user tested with 0.9.4 on
> Windows, I am able to confirm this with 1.0.2/Linux.
> VLC is able to connect and get stream Infos, but doesn't seem to
> receive any audio data (as wireshark confirmed for me).

At least works fine in here with VLC 1.0.2 under Win32.

> Someone on #videolan then realized that it seems to work with the
> - --http-continuous command line switch and told me to report this here.
> The stream we are talking about can be found at:
>   http://www.darkerradio.com/listen.pls
> Is there anything we can do to fix this? What does --http-continuous
> do exactly?

--http-continuous, --no-http-continuous
                                 Continuous stream (default disabled)
          Read a file that is being constantly updated (for example, a JPG file
          on a server). You should not globally enable this option as it will
          break all other types of HTTP streams. (default disabled)

> PS: Please CC me as I'm not on the list. :)
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