[vlc-devel] mpgatofixed32 error (libmad error: bad main_data_begin pointer)

Kaarlo Räihä agent_007 at luukku.com
Sun Oct 25 15:00:25 CET 2009

libmad error: bad main_data_begin pointer is common error. I am not sure if this is issue in libmad or problem of the MP3 streams that are against the specs.

One option would be to build libmad with less verbosity if you don't want to see the libmad errors or use some other audio format. Error itself is harmless so you can ignore it. 

Underground78 kirjoitti 25.10.2009 kello 15:40:
> Hello,
> I am new to the LibVLC and I have tried to follow the little LibVLC
> tutorial that can be found on the wiki. I use Windows XP and to make
> things easier I have gotten the libraries from
> ftp://ftp.videolan.org/pub/testing/vlc-1.0.3-rc/win32/vlc-1.0.3-rc-win32.7z
> (I have tried vlc-1.0.2-win32 too).
> I get this error : "mpgatofixed32 debug: libmad error: bad
> main_data_begin pointer" when I try to load a mp3 file with my little
> test program. The source code I use can be found here :
> http://pastebin.com/m7d3c58f4 and the log here :
> http://pastebin.com/d3fff0004. The error disappears if I rename
> libmpgatofixed32_plugin.dll to libmpgatofixed32_plugin.dll.bak.
> It seems that the error happens with VLC too because I can see this in
> the log : "mpgatofixed32 debug: libmad error: bad main_data_begin
> pointer mpgatofixed32 debug: libmad error: bad main_data_begin
> pointer". However VLC seems to deal with it because the stream is
> played anyway.
> I do not know if this error is important or not. What should I do ? Do
> I just need not to care and delete the file or should I give you more
> informations to get this error fixed ?
> Regards,
> Underground78
> PS : I am not used to mailing-lists, I hope not to have done something
> wrong.
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