[vlc-devel] RE : commit: skins2: redraw a black background requiredfor some skins when resizing ( see wb skins for example)

brezhoneg1 brezhoneg1 at yahoo.fr
Sun Sep 6 20:46:53 CEST 2009

> >
> > skins2: redraw a black background required for some skins when
> > (see wb skins for example)
> Shouldn't the video window just be set to black background instead?

On Linux, the video window is now set with a black background at
creation (this was needed because xcb no longer fills up the window with
a black background as xcommon used to do). Since the video window was
now black by default, I removed the redraw at the video control level.
But, there is a following situation when this was wrong :
When resizing the main window, if some parts are transparent by default,
the video window on top of these parts is no longer displayed (even if
set as a child of the main window). If a black background is redrawn on
these same parts, the video window keeps on being displayed on top of
them as expected.
Both Linux and WinNT have the same behavior in this regard.

This problem was not seen on skins that use another control on top of
the video control to display a logo (like Orangeade, the old default,
...). It was only seen on more basic skins with a unique video control
(like wb, ...). 


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