[vlc-devel] [PATCH][GSoC 09]RTMP implementation (Input part)

Konstantin Pavlov thresh at videolan.org
Wed Sep 9 12:26:15 CEST 2009

On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 01:29:13AM +0800, zhigang wang wrote:
> Hi,
> I worked on RTMP streaming implementation for the GSoC project,
> Now the patch of RTMP access module is posted here for the code review.
> Because some of the codes are common for RTMP input and output (e.g. AMF
> packages decoding and encoding), I had put all the common part in this
> patch.
> Patch description:
> 1. Improve AMF message decoding
> 2. Add some checking code to avoid "segfault"
> 3. Trick mode support, PAUSE/RESUME work. (SEEK although is implemented, but
> it not work properly)
> 4. The VLC can play the RTMP stream from VLC, Red5, FMS without segfault.
> 5. A small work around to make FLV Encapsulation over HTTP work.

How do i set host, application, flashver and playpath from the CLI?

Or i should construct some weird rtmp:// URL to do that? If yes, how?

I'm trying to add freecaster.tv playlist parser module to VLC, and this
works fine with rtmpdump:

./rtmpdump_x86 -n fms012.am4.hwcdn.net -a 'a2f2q9i4/_definst_' -f LNX
'10,0,32,18' -s http://play.freecaster.com/player/FCPlayer.swf -t
rtmp://fms012.am4.hwcdn.net/a2f2q9i4/_definst_ -p
-o file.flv -y

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