[vlc-devel] EPG standard ignorants

Marian Ďurkovič md at bts.sk
Wed Sep 9 15:04:46 CEST 2009

On Wed, Sep 09, 2009 at 01:35:29PM +0200, jpd at videolan.org wrote:
> Feel free to drop them a mail asking them to mend their ways. P(change)
> is low, of course, but not asking guarantees it to be 0. The more people
> ask, the better chances of change.

Yes, we've suceeded to change some params on our local TV stations when
they were not compliant with standards. However, I can't request change
from e.g. CanalSat or Digital+, since these are scrambled services
most probably restricted to FR and ES territories. In other words,
IMHO only a French citizen could legally ask CanalSat (or better TF1 
et al) to fix their broadcasts. 

SKY/Premiere requires a valid subscriber-ID to post anything to
their online support form, and they haven't fixed anything during last
two years:


Anyway, we need to proceed somehow, so: should I commit the workaround,
should I change it somehow, or should I perhaps just set the default
charset to ISO-6937 as per ETSI EN 300 486 and redirect complaining
users to their local providers? ;-)

   With kind regards,


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