[vlc-devel] RE : playlist fail

brezhoneg1 brezhoneg1 at yahoo.fr
Sat Sep 12 13:41:24 CEST 2009

> Just double clicked on the playlist's My Pictures section then double
> click on one of the pictures PNG but nothing was in display. It merely
> paused for 10 seconds

The way pictures are displayed is an open discussion ...

For now in MyPictures, still images are set as ArtURL and a
vlc://pause:10 is set as mrl. That gives the following result when
double clicking :

    - The image is displayed in the lower left corner of the playlist
    - The image is displayed in lieu of the cone logo in the qt4
      (complete or minimal display modes only).

I agree this is not the best thing for users using either the classic
display mode (default mode in qt4) or skins, since there is no such cone
logo. In addition, the vout reuse functionality may mislead users when
transitioning from a video item to a picture item (the last frame of the
previous video may still be displayed after the input is over).

Another alternative could be to process still images as video with the
fake access/demux (easy to implement, but fake is often criticized ... )


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