[vlc-devel] Subtitles are not auto-discovered when files are opened using the media library

Daniel Ellis mail at danellis.co.uk
Mon Sep 21 10:13:28 CEST 2009


I haven't heard any response about this bug.  What is the procedure
for me to get the issue logged?


2009/9/16 Daniel Ellis <mail at danellis.co.uk>:
> Hello VLC developers.  I have found a bug where subtitles are not
> loaded when an audio file is opened via the media library.  This issue
> is in VLC 1.0.1 but was not present in 0.9.9a.  I have installed VLC
> 1.0.1 for Ubuntu using the PPA specified on the VLC site. Here is the
> procedure to reproduce:-
> 1. Clear the preferences and media library to start fresh (from
> ~/.config/vlc and ~/.local/share/vlc)
> 2. Add an MP3 file and a corresponding CDG file to a folder.
> 3. Start VLC and open the media library
> 4. Add the MP3 file to the media library
> 5. Double click the newly imported entry  ** the mp3 file plays along
> with the graphics **
> 6. Close VLC and restart it
> 8. Open the media library and double click the song  ** The mp3 file
> plays but no graphics are displayed **
> So basically the graphics/subtitles only work immediately after adding
> the files to the library.  After a restart the graphics/subtitles fail
> to load.
> I have attached the verbose console output and marked in the file
> where I notice the difference between dragging an mp3 file on to VLC
> and opening one via the media library.
> I have looked on the trac database and there is a possible related
> ticket relating to subtitles not auto-loading:
> http://trac-test.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/2980, however I do not have
> access to add or update tickets.
> That is as far as I have got to, so far.  Kind regards,
> Dan

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