[vlc-devel] [BOUNTY] for Bug Fix

Developer developer at noknok.net
Wed Sep 23 22:14:02 CEST 2009

We are using VLC to stream content in multiple formats from a single 
source.    Process is as follows:

(SourceFile/Stream of Data) eg: stream:///xxx.avi  ->  to VLC, which does a:

This works fine.  We then start "child" streams at different times, 
could be right away, could be 5 minutes for the 1a, then 10 minutes for 
the 1b "sourcing" from the VLC stream, all varying.  All the child 
streams are "sourcing from the stream Created above"

For example:

Stream 1a
source=:    mmsh://

Stream 1b
source=:    mmsh://

Stream 1c
source=:    mmsh://

Issue we have, is on the WMV streams, 50% of the time trying to connect 
to say stream 1a, will only give you a AUDIO ONLY stream.  Using Windows 
media player, then connecting to say mms:// 
will sometimes give us full video/audio, other time AUDIO only.  When 
doing a PROPERTIES from within Windows Media Player on the stream, when 
audio/video is present, it tells us properly the resolution, WMV Version 
8, etc.  When Only Audio is heard, the PROPERTIES window says the STREAM 
is AUDIO ONLY, no video attributes at all.

Understandably VLC is an open source project, and generally speaking 
bugs/feature come as they can be gotten too.  For this reason, we would 
like to offer a BOUNTY, to anyone, or any group of individuals, who can 
fix this issue.  As well, if this is not the proper area, or forum to be 
requesting/offering such a bounty, first apologies, second, where would 
be best.

Appreciate the time in reading, and hopefully a fix is in site...

This issue exists in 1.0.0, 1.0.1, and newly released 1.0.2...   

Thank you

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