[vlc-devel] Help build VLC cross platform

Yair Han YairH at optibase.com
Tue Apr 6 11:45:50 CEST 2010

Hi jb and all,


I need your help understanding the following. It's noted on the wiki
"Win32CompileCygwinNew" page


"WARNING: building VLC on Cygwin has ever been a failure-prone task. It
is also very slow (specially if you enable debug and optimizations). You
should really consider cross-compiling from Linux (on a virtual machine,
via dual-boot or from another computer). You were warned."


I need to compile VLC for both MAC OSX 10.5/6 (Intel platform) and
Win32. The output I need is the web plugin and AX. Is it possible to
compile the VLC from Unix/Linux to those OS? 


What I need to do (and please be specific, step by step) to stop my ugly
dance with Cygwin.



Yair Han

Software Engineer

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Optibase Ltd.

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yairh at optibase.com 


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