[vlc-devel] GSoC, Qualification Task and a query about patch.

Anik Varshney anik.varshney at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 07:29:49 CEST 2010

Hello All,

Myself, Kumar Anik, a III year undergraduate from India. I have submitted an
application for "*developing a interface of VLC for mobile phones(WinCE)*".
I have compiled VLC, on my Ubuntu machine, and have submitted a patch for
the qualification task. Please consider my application.

I earlier submitted the patch for clearing both Global and Local Hotkeys,
but after talking to j-b on IRC, as his suggestion, I reimplemented the
patch and made it clear only the selected key only. (And this patch was
perhaps better in code than the previous one). Unfortunately the earlier
patch was committed with some changes. I wanted to know the status of the
second patch and request to commit that one.

and as asked on a public review, *I want to work on libVLCcore.*


Kumar Anik (IRC Nick: Vnik)

Under Graduation,
Indian Institute of Information Technology,
Allahabad (Amethi Campus)

Resume: http://profile.iiita.ac.in/RIT2007016
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