[vlc-devel] Solaris/Sun Studio patches

Francois Cartegnie fcvlcdev at free.fr
Wed Apr 14 16:53:12 CEST 2010

[PATCH 1/8] fix unsupported shortcut
Unsupported ?: test shortcut

[PATCH 2/8] typedef va_arg function pointers to avoid compiler parse errors
Compiler is here totally confused with the functions type castings. 

[PATCH 3/8] void function cannot return a value

[PATCH 4/8] add compiler detection variables and apply the correct optimization flags
Every gcc -fxx optimisation flag is passed to other compilers too.
Sun's CC just ignore them, and propagate them to linker. 
Sun Studio's linker will fail on non-static links, taking these as -f flag. 

[PATCH 5/8] Don't use solaris incompatible fstatfs(fd,struct,int,int)
Solaris fstatfs .h isn't the same name. Anyway, it's using the fd 4 params syntax
instead of the required FILE* 2 params ones. Disabling. 

[PATCH 6/8] suppress trailing period and semicolons
Those syntax either raise warnings or just can't work outside gcc

[PATCH 7/8] avoid zero sized struct
SAP Dummy struct has zero size, which is forbidden by compiler. 
I don't think adding a dummy var changes something, but
-this one needs to be reviewed as I couldn't test the effects.-

[PATCH 8/8] Use pragma packing for suncc
__packed__ extension is only available on the latest C++ sun compiler.
Packing is done for sun CC using the pack() pragma on 1 byte alignment.  


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