[vlc-devel] Call for a 1.0.6 version of VLC?

hannes_b at gmx.at hannes_b at gmx.at
Wed Apr 14 20:47:27 CEST 2010

Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> Le mardi 13 avril 2010 17:15:03 Jean-Baptiste Kempf, vous avez écrit :
>> On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 04:12:27PM +0200, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote :
>>> First party packagers (Windows and MacOS) will not use it, will they?
>>> Third party packagers (Linux distros, BSD ports) will mostly update to
>>> 1.1 or not update at all. Either way, I see as little use for 1.0.x | x >
>>> 5 as for 0.8.7 and 0.9.11. You're most welcome to prove me wrong though.
>> Maybe some Ubuntu people might care to have a 1.0.x branch for their
>> LTS...
>> But I mostly share your opinion.
> I am happy to act as maintainer for 1.0-bugfix for the time being. For the 
> sake of the experiment, I will release 1.0.6 soon after 1.1.0, since we have 
> some leftover patches.
> Then we'll see if anyone follows. Otherwise I will declare 1.0-bugfix dead.

i just read in irc that there are about 30-40 ubuntu bugs.
> (20:11:02) courmisch: we need to bundle Qt4-X11 if we want to fix some of the bugs

so ubuntu users will rely on external repo like getdeb and there they will get 1.1 too. so i dont think there is a need for 1.0.6 for them. the 10.04 ubuntu comes in about 14 days. i have my doubts if they will accept a 1.0.6 or a 1.1.

Package: vlc (1.0.2-1ubuntu2.1) [universe] 

that is how old?
2009-09-22 and VLC 1.0.5 is from 2010-01-31

Package: vlc (1.0.5-2ubuntu1) [universe]

so if ubuntu users want a fixed vlc they need getdeb or so. other possibility is another distro, which im really thinking about...

best regards as always :)

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