[vlc-devel] Why liblive555_plugin.dll can not be loaded on Wince?

liulf at ihep.ac.cn liulf at ihep.ac.cn
Thu Apr 15 05:17:04 CEST 2010

Hello everyone.
Yesterday, I wrote some test codes based on the sdk provided by the nighlty builds "vlc-1.1.0-git-20091122-0102-wince" and "vlc-1.0.6". The good news is h264 and mpeg4 file can now be played. However, when I put the  "liblive555_plugin.dll" in the plugins directory, the test application can not be executed anymore. Here is the log printed on the console:

Data Abort: Thread=972dc9c0 Proc=80096d60 'test_h264.exe'
AKY=00001001 PC=004944ec(liblive555_plugin.dll+0x000844ec) RA=004898bc(liblive55
5_plugin.dll+0x000798bc) BVA=6d9db450 FSR=00000405
Data Abort: Thread=972dc9c0 Proc=80096d60 'test_h264.exe'
AKY=00001001 PC=00489750(liblive555_plugin.dll+0x00079750) RA=0041102c(liblive55
5_plugin.dll+0x0000102c) BVA=6d9d901c FSR=00000405
Exception 'Data Abort' Thread=972dc9c0 AKY=00001001 PC=00000000 BVA=6d9d901c
 R0=00000000  R1=00000000  R2=00000000  R3=00000000
 R4=00000000  R5=00000000  R6=00000000  R7=00000000
 R8=00000000  R9=00000000 R10=00000000 R11=00000000
R12=00000000  SP=00000000  Lr=00000000 Psr=60000010

And I used arm-mingw32ce-gcc with version 4.1.0 (mandriva-cegcc-mingw32ce-0.55.tar.gz downloaded from CeGcc),
and contrib is contrib-20091114-wince-bin-gcc-4.1.0-runtime-3.15.2-only.tar.bz2.
I checked the cross compile tool and contrib libs and it seems nothing wrong.
Any help would be very appreciated.

liulf at ihep.ac.cn
Wasion Meters Group,Hunan Province,China

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