[vlc-devel] [PATCH] globalhotkeys misdetecs usage of OLD XCB API if --enable-xcb is not specified

Dominique Leuenberger dominique at leuenberger.net
Sun Apr 25 11:13:56 CEST 2010


As there was a change in the XCB_KEYSYMS API, configure had been  
extended to follow this change, by adding CFLAGS in case of old  
XCB_KEYSYMS being detected. Unfortunately this was only done in case  
--enable-xcb had been specified.

But the globalhotkeys plugin has it's own detection of xcb /  
xcb-keysysms in configure and as such this module did not get the  
OLD_XCBKEYSYM_API flag specified, which resulted in a build failure on  
my system.

The patch below introduces as additional check for globalhotkeys to  
also catch when to use the old API.

I think it would be great to merge this with the 1.0-bugfix tree, in  
case we have any future releases in this tree (who knows).

Best Regards,
Dominique, a.k.a DimStar

PS: Thanks everybody for the patience with me trying to track this down.
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