[vlc-devel] comunication between modules

Edoardo Radica dodo.r84 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 20:26:42 CEST 2010

Hi all,
sorry for my bad english.

I've a streaming server (RTSP) that sends me 3 differents medium: audio,
video and application.
In the application medium decryption key and duration are transported.
The rstp stream is read by live555 (demux module in VLC) and audio/video
medium are interpreted correctly and are called the corresponding
decoding modules.
For the application medium I created a new demux module ("decryption").

(I have attached a simple diagram)

e.g. Video 10s, 2 keys
| Key | Duration |
|  K1 |     5s   |
|  K2 |     5s   |
Every 5 seconds, "decryption" sends the new key.

Demux function in "decryption" waits data ( block_FifoGet( p_sys->p_fifo
When StreamRead function in Live555 have to sends data to the
"decryption" module calls stream_DemuxSend function, whereupon Demux
function in "decryption" receives tha data.
This data rapresent the video decryption key and the durantion for which
this key is valid.

I've not figured out how to send this data to monitor module.

I need this data in the DecoderDecodeVideo function in decoder.c.

Can anybody give me any advice?


Best regards

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