[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Direct3D shader support (HLSL)

Tobias Güntner fatbull at web.de
Tue Aug 17 16:30:17 CEST 2010

Am 16.08.2010 23:07, schrieb Sasha Koruga:
>>> +    void*                   d3dxShader;
>> ID3DXEffect *d3dxShader
>> would make the code easier to read.
> Trust me, I tried. I obviously don't prefer declaring it as a void*.
> However, including the necessary header to define ID3DXEffect* in
> common.h is too much of a mess for it to be worth it. It conflicts
> with other headers, etc.

You only need a pointer, so a forward declaration is sufficient.
I'm not familiar with Direct3D and COM, but I guess you could put
	interface ID3DXEffect *d3dxShader;
or, alternatively,
	typedef interface ID3DXEffect ID3DXEffect;
in common.h and #include the full definition in your *.c file.


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