[vlc-devel] LibVLC API suggestions

Jacques Boileau jboileau at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 17:29:49 CEST 2010


I use the new API that where introduced in 1.1.1 and I am very
appreciative of the work done. If I may comment and give you some of
the needs I have, it may guide you in future development.

Also, I have for the first time been able to create a Visual Studio
.lib out of LibVLC.dll and include, without much problems, the header
files from include/vlc dir into my Win32 application. This is also a
great step up in ease of use for me. I use to do tons of
GetProcAddress before. If it can help someone else, I can describe the
procedure on how to do this. Maybe I could add it to the dev wiki

So here are some suggestions for future APIs:

1. Another filter I use and would welcome an API for is the magnify filter
2. More flexibility to the snapshot API. Currently it is restricted to
.PNG, I use .JPG.
3. Persistance in the filter API. If a filter that restarts vout is
applied, other filters are lost.
4. Of course it would be nice to be able to call the API from inside
an event callback (ex, do a play from inside the reached end
callback), but I understand that this ain't as simple as it sounds.

I have been using LibVLC since it exist and hope some of my feedback
is of help. I also should state that I recompile LibVLC to add the
missing APIs I need that it doesn't already have. I removed some of my
own since more is provide in the 1.1.1 API which is great.
Unfortunatly, my lack of knowledge of the core API makes it so that my
implementation I believe is not of good enough quality to warrant
inclusion. But if whoever is actively developping the API would like
to see and maybe use it, I would be glad to share. Also, I can be of
some help augmenting the API in my own capacity if need be.

Jacques Boileau

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