[vlc-devel] Need VLC Developer (Coder)

Greg Fleck gfleck at hdprotech.com
Fri Aug 27 21:48:13 CEST 2010

Searching for a VLC developer to develop a Windows 32-bit ActiveX / Java JNA object(s) that will provide the following functionality in part.


1. Capture camera (audio/video) stream (rtsp, http,  etc...)  to file (AVI, MP4, etc...) with frame markers to sync associated metadata file (#2)
2. Generate an overlay (metadata) file using information passed to obect with frame marker, information passed will be text, example GPS lat/lng, but not limited
3. play back captured video with overlay (metadata) file infomation synchronized based on frame markers
        3a. metadata information playback selectable, turn on/off elements
        3b. data placement playback defaults, as well as controlled placement (i.e XY position)
4. combine the video and selected metadata information to a single playable file (AVI, MP4,etc..)


1. Option to write combined video and metadata directly DVD playable format, DVD and/or ISO

Windwos objects are current requirement, but Linux java should be kept in mind.

Developer options
1.      ActiveX
2.      Java JNA

Timeline - Due by Mid September

Interested parties please contact me directly for additional information and requirements.

Thank You
Greg Fleck

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