[vlc-devel] new RTSP module & support for Amino STBs

Sven Petai hadara at bsd.ee
Sun Dec 12 10:09:43 CET 2010


I noticed that the new RTSP module doesn't have support for Amino STBs 
any more and the commit message asks if it seems to be a problem for 
someone @

While I certainly like the idea of RTSP stack unification I also need 
the support for the x-playNow header and the MP2T/H2221/UDP transport 
since I have implemented some free as-is services for a network of about 
100 000 Amino STBs + a couple of thousand Motorolas on top of VLM.
Motorolas use the the MP2T/H2221/UDP transport too.

Are you against supporting these two non-std. features in the new module 
in principle or did you just mean it's unsupported until someone is 
willing to do the work?

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