[vlc-devel] Time Stamps for Async Data

Bill Dolson bill at billdolson.com
Wed Dec 22 09:51:38 CET 2010


I'm cleaning up some patches I plan to submit to add support for a user 
private data stream carrying geo-spatial positioning and camera pointing 
data.  It is a US NGA-MISB standard (and also NATO I believe).  Very 
useful for mixing real and virtual imagery.

For the cases where this data is not already present in the mux I have 
written a slave demux to accept data packets from other sources (udp 
streams, serial ports, etc) and insert them into a ts mux.   What would 
be the best recommendation for synthesizing a PTS so that the packets 
would be muxed into the stream at their arrival time?  Are there any 
demuxers which handle a similar problem?

Thanks in advance,

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