[vlc-devel] New iPhone/iPad app; VLC Streamer

Rob rob at hobbyistsoftware.com
Mon Dec 27 15:48:01 CET 2010


>> Firstly - Any VLC developers who would like a copy, please drop me an  
>> email off-list and I'll be happy to give you a promo code for the full  
>> version.
>> (While I'm at it, I'm also happy to give a promo code for VLC Remote  
>> for iPhone/Android to any VLC developer who would like one)
> Do you have some upstream contribution or source code to share?

Hi, I have nothing to add here. All my helper does is communicate over  
http with the client (iphone) app, then sends the appropriate command to a  
totally unmodified copy of VLC. None of my code is really related to the  
VLC project in any useful way.

>> Secondly - If you think it's appropriate; I'd love a mention in any  
>> news feed / facebook page / etc to help spread the word.
> High-Jacking the name VLC Streamer for your paying app is misleading,  
> and probably not legal. Can you change the name of your app?
> Pierre.

I didn't mean to cause any confusion here. I was just looking for a  
descriptive name in a similar vein to the VLC Remote that I (and others)  

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