[vlc-devel] vlc-android advancement report

Dominique Martinet asmadeus at codewreck.org
Fri Dec 31 07:57:02 CET 2010

Hi all,

Lots of people have started to take interest in how vlc for android is
progressing, so I will try to answer here for everyone.

First, we are currently only working on support for Gingerbread (2.3)
and after; it doesn't mean there won't ever be something working for
versions prior to that, but it will require more work (video uses new
functions like ANativeWintow_fromSurface in OpenGLES, and audio uses
The core of vlc and ffmpeg have been working for a while, even with 2.2
and probably before with little work; it's just the outputs that will
need to be worked on.

Now, that doesn't mean we're just done with 2.3 either.
MagSoft wrote a working video output, and someone with a nexus s
(protozoa) reported that video plays smoothly on a real device.
I wrote an audio output... that could probably work... but VLC won't
call the Play() function of the output so we don't know yet :P

So basically, what's left is to figure what's wrong here and to make an
interface for the player itself, and to make everything compatible with
the trunk for a merge.

The current git is available here:

As far as I know, Rohit Yadav and protozoa both work on the interface
more or less separately, and ivoire works on integrating patches to the

I welcome any idea as to why VLC would give "PTS is out of range"
errors, even on a real device playing a wav file (can't say it's slow
decoding can we?), you can find a log of the verbose vlc output that I
commented a bit here:
Feel free to tell me on irc or reply to this mail.

If you want more details, or if I was unclear at some point, please ask;
if you have patches submit them here like any other patch, I won't say
we'll put them in right away, but we'll consider them.

Asmadeus | Dominique Martinet

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