[vlc-devel] VLC with Japanese ISDB-T (faad)

Romont Sylvain psgman24 at yahoo.fr
Thu Jan 7 17:14:46 CET 2010

Hello and Happy new year!

I live in Japan and I'm using a japanese Tuner TV card (Digital), it's use ISDB-T, it's working well with Mplayer or Gstreamer with using a patch for faad.

In the japanese DTV reception a problem is fairly common, it's because the audio channel configuration changes while we are playing out a stream/program. A typical example is a mono audio program with stereo CMs inserted. Another is a  dual mono movie program (japanese and english)  with normal stereo CMs... And many media players can't properly handle the AAC audio with changing channel configuration, and usually they lost audio or simply crush at a change.
And when I use VLC I have this problem.... VLC cut very often (at CM,....).
I searched in internet but no patch exist for VLC's AAC support! I'm really surprise than no patch is already make for VLC as ISDB-T is use by many people now (Japan, Brazil,...)
Is it possible to make it one?
the link of the patch of Mplayer and Gstreamer that correct this "problem" is: (in the folder "Patch")

If you have any question about it please ask me!

Thank you

ROMONT Sylvain


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