[vlc-devel] H264 without audio crashes the windows AX plugin

Yair Han YairH at optibase.com
Sun Jan 10 18:59:07 CET 2010

Hi all,


I am trying to decode (play/run) multiple UDP multicast streams using
windows plugin based on version 1.02. The plugins embedded in IE. When I
try to run 1-3 players it crashes after an hour or so but I try to run
more then 4 instances it crashes almost immediately. I am using a
monster PC and the CPU is not exceeding the 50% on 9-10 instances. The
interesting part is that when I am using a stream that has audio and the
frame rate is full it doesn't crash for 48 hours.


The crash doesn't leave any traces. The IE closes without any error
message even though I compiled the plugin with debug enabled.


The stream configuration is as followed:


a. Video format/profile:  H264 at BL 

b. Audio format:  Turned off 

c. Video Bit Rate:  256kbps 

d. Audio Bit Rate:  Turned off all audio 

e. Frame Rate:  Half 

f. Resolution:  320 X 240 NTSC


Advanced Tab Settings:


H.264 Level:   Level 3 

Video PID:  42

GOP M:  1 

GOP N:  60

Inverse Telecine:  Not checked

Program Number:  1

PMT PID:  1280

PCR PID:  42

Scan Mode:  Progressive 


PCR Frequency:  100 

PSI Frequency:  1000 

Aspect Ratio:  4:3 

Max Number of Ref. Frames:  2 

Sub Pixel Accuracy:  Quarter

VBV:  1000

Frame Sampling:  Half

Remove Null Packets:  Checked

Closed Captions:  None


I'll appreciate any help.



Yair Han

Software Engineer

EZTV Client Team Leader

Optibase Ltd.

Tel: +972-9-9709259

yairh at optibase.com 


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