[vlc-devel] H264 without audio crashes the windows AX plugin

Yair Han YairH at optibase.com
Mon Jan 11 11:03:07 CET 2010

Hi Remi and all,

Thanks for the prompt response.

I don't think it's a long term memory leak. Perhaps I didn't describe the scenario properly.

The IE crashes without any warning after 30 sec when I am playing 16 assets. The CPU usage is about 70%. When I play 9-10 assets on the same application the CPU usage is no more than 50% and still it crashes after 1-2 minutes. There is no long term, it crashes almost immediately. 

When I am playing on the same application 1-3 assets it can hold 48 hours without crashing....

So, it looks that the problem is on mutual resources exclusion and not memory leak because 30 sec is not a reasonable time for consuming 4GB of RAM. 

I think the problem lays in the facts that the stream is half frame rate or that it's without audio because when I am playing full frame rate with audio I don't see any problems. But I am no master I just can say what I can see...

I'll appreciate any lead on this one.

The Stream information:
a. Video format/profile:  H264 at BL 
b. Audio format:  Turned off 
c. Video Bit Rate:  256kbps 
d. Audio Bit Rate:  Turned off all audio 
e. Frame Rate:  Half 
f. Resolution:  320 X 240 NTSC
Advanced Tab Settings:

H.264 Level:   Level 3 
Video PID:  42
GOP M:  1 
GOP N:  60
Inverse Telecine:  Not checked
Program Number:  1
PMT PID:  1280
PCR PID:  42
Scan Mode:  Progressive 
PCR Frequency:  100 
PSI Frequency:  1000 
Aspect Ratio:  4:3 
Max Number of Ref. Frames:  2 
Sub Pixel Accuracy:  Quarter
VBV:  1000
Frame Sampling:  Half
Remove Null Packets:  Checked
Closed Captions:  None

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Le dimanche 10 janvier 2010 19:59:07 Yair Han, vous avez écrit :
> I am trying to decode (play/run) multiple UDP multicast streams using
> windows plugin based on version 1.02. The plugins embedded in IE. When I
> try to run 1-3 players it crashes after an hour or so but I try to run
> more then 4 instances it crashes almost immediately. I am using a
> monster PC and the CPU is not exceeding the 50% on 9-10 instances. The
> interesting part is that when I am using a stream that has audio and the
> frame rate is full it doesn't crash for 48 hours.

This sounds like a long-term memory leak.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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