[vlc-devel] Re : VLC with Japanese ISDB-T (faad)

Romont Sylvain psgman24 at yahoo.fr
Tue Jan 12 14:53:35 CET 2010

I friend start to make this patch:
but it's still not working... I can't understand why...

here the mplayer patch:
faad2.patch: http://pastealacon.com/12420

thank you for your help!

--- En date de : Jeu 7.1.10, Romont Sylvain <psgman24 at yahoo.fr> a écrit :

> De: Romont Sylvain <psgman24 at yahoo.fr>
> Objet: VLC with Japanese ISDB-T (faad)
> À: vlc-devel at videolan.org
> Date: Jeudi 7 Janvier 2010, 17h14
> Hello and Happy new year!
> I live in Japan and I'm using a japanese Tuner TV card
> (Digital), it's use ISDB-T, it's working well with Mplayer
> or Gstreamer with using a patch for faad.
> In the japanese DTV reception a problem is fairly common,
> it's because the audio channel configuration changes while
> we are playing out a stream/program. A typical example is a
> mono audio program with stereo CMs inserted. Another is
> a  dual mono movie program (japanese and english) 
> with normal stereo CMs... And many media players can't
> properly handle the AAC audio with changing channel
> configuration, and usually they lost audio or simply crush
> at a change.
> And when I use VLC I have this problem.... VLC cut very
> often (at CM,....).
> I searched in internet but no patch exist for VLC's AAC
> support! I'm really surprise than no patch is already make
> for VLC as ISDB-T is use by many people now (Japan,
> Brazil,...)
> Is it possible to make it one?
> the link of the patch of Mplayer and Gstreamer that correct
> this "problem" is: (in the folder "Patch")
> http://2sen.dip.jp/cgi-bin/dtvup/source/up0220.zip
> If you have any question about it please ask me!
> Thank you
> ROMONT Sylvain


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