[vlc-devel] Can someone help me?

Nigel Warburton mr at nigelwarburton.co.uk
Tue Jan 12 21:38:26 CET 2010

Hi Remi,

Hope you are well. Sorry maybe I mis-understand your email, when you say 
normal occurences do you mean that it is designed to work at 16ms frame 

http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc1890.txt discusses the "standard" rtp profile at 
20ms, but I am probably missing something.

Either way would be really useful to understand whether VLC should be 
changed / needs changing, i.e. product enhanced / or a fix? I appriecate 
your comments about Motivation, I would love to do myself but simply dont 
understand what would be needed and where :(

How can i motivate someone to help resolve (enhanced or fix :) )!

Really keen to sort this with VLC! Many thanks!


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Le vendredi 8 janvier 2010 20:42:58 Fabrício Lélis, vous avez écrit :
> Someone have some idea how i can fix this? Thanks in advance and 
> apologizes
> if this not the correct way.

Those errors are more or less normal occurences. I fail to see anything 

Rémi Denis-Courmont
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