[vlc-devel] Access UDP problem on MAC and Windows Plugins

Yair Han YairH at optibase.com
Wed Jan 13 19:51:01 CET 2010

Hi all,


I need your help understanding this problem and maybe fixing it. 


I encountered a problem using the plugins playing H264 without audio.


I spent the time trying to figure up the problem and I can see clearly
that to problem is a malloc that fails and returns NULL. In the
access_udp module, the BlockUDP method calls the block_New method that
allocates the memory. It works perfectly using single player (although I
didn't see and calls to BlockRelease method). 

When I am using 12 players on the same web page it crashes after 1
minute. So I've added check is null on the return value of the
block_New. The browser stoped crashing, a good thing for a start but all
the players halted. 


1)       I've puted debug out on the BlockRelease method and it never
get to this method.

2)       After the halt situation I stoped one of the players and the
BlockRelease was called and from this point on. It released all buffers
okay and continued working properly on all other players

3)       It crashes very fast (1 minute about 25000 calls to BlockUDP on
all players) on stream without audio. Stream that have audio crashes
after 2 hours


I did all the debugging on Windows XP using version 1.03 and Cygwin. I
can assume it behaves the same on MAC because it crashes on the same
scenarios the same way and on the crash report I could see that the
access udp BlockUDP method is the reason.


Help guys....



Yair Han

Software Engineer

EZTV Client Team Leader

Optibase Ltd.

Tel: +972-9-9709259

yairh at optibase.com 


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