[vlc-devel] [Patch] Sending a signal when a vout is created/destroyed

Rafaël Carré rafael.carre at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 19:30:44 CET 2010

Le 20/01/10 18:47, Rémi Denis-Courmont a écrit :
> Le mercredi 20 janvier 2010 19:31:32 Rafaël Carré, vous avez écrit :
>> Currently it relies on playing the media once with --sout="#description"
>> so the info is copied into input_item_t->i_es/es
> That won't quite fix the problem. sout_description is a brittle hack in 
> itself.

Right but I don't remember another way to get codec descriptors inside
input item.

Anyway the libvlc function would just export i_es/es (or a subset of
es_format_t), if it can be filled automatically at input creation (like
clear the ES array and add the ES one by one after the first frame/audio
packet has been decoded) then the function wouldn't change.

Rafaël Carré

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