[vlc-devel] [RFC] JS and libvlc mouse events

Jean-Paul Saman jpsaman at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 10:01:12 CET 2010

The first attached patches export mouse events from video output upto
the libvlc API level. This functionality is needed in order to be able
to track mouse movements inside the VLC video output for a webpage.
The webpage will use this information to steer another camera for

In this patch there is one thing missing which is tracking the
movement off a video filter object (eg; a logo). I intend to solve
that in the same way as shown in the patch 0001-*. The variable will
be named 'intf-object' to distinguish it from raw mouse movements. I
would like to have some opinions on this approach before I git-push it
in a day or so.

The second patch implements a JavaScript (ActiveX) Event API. In the
current activeX implementation of
projects/activex/connectioncontainer.cpp there is an issue with the
fireEvent(...) method. It works fine for synchronous events, but
doesn't work when the events come from within libvlc. If someone has a
clue on asynchronous events mechanism in ActiveX in combination with
JavaScript events, then I welcome any suggestion or patch to help
solving this problem.

Kind regards,
Jean-Paul Saman
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