[vlc-devel] Why we need proper API functions for [aisv]mem plugins...

Pierre d'Herbemont pdherbemont at free.fr
Sat Jul 10 17:44:49 CEST 2010

2010/7/9 Rémi Denis-Courmont <remi at remlab.net>:
> Le vendredi 9 juillet 2010 16:42:22 Rémi Denis-Courmont, vous avez écrit :
>> I have to say I agree. At least video and audio, it should be relatively
>> easy, as long as we expect a fixed output format.
> *Ahem*, I forgot that amem did not exist (yet).
> I will be working on a vmem API this week-end.

This is effectively crazy to document that hack. A sane API would be
much welcomed. Do you have an API draft?


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