[vlc-devel] Subtitles Rendering

Manol Manolov man40dev at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 16:34:25 CEST 2010

Hello There,

I've always wondered why nobody takes this player's example for rendering
the subtitles

Yes, I know it is an old and dead project. But the idea is great:
The subtitles can be rendered in an outer layer instead of inside the video

 - Watching different resolution videos on the same screen size won't change
the subtitles size (very important).
 - With the current rendering, if the video has black stripes (non-cropped
wider than the screen) the subtitles go way to the center instead of staying
in the bottom (very important).
 - With the current rendering, if one decides to crop the video (during
playback) to fit the screen, the subtitles may be cut off (very important).
 - If a line of subtitles is too long set in the subtitles source, it can be
easily wrapped to fit the screen (either new line or decrease the font size
on the long line only) (important).
 - In the MV2 player one can move freely the subtitles with the mouse, also
click on + and - buttons to adjust the size (not necessary feature, but eye

 - It won't apply for transcoding - in most cases subtitles are applied
during playback.

Please, share your opinion.

P.S.> MV2 Player has and HAD amazing settings and deep customization.

Best regards,

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