[vlc-devel] [Live-devel] Seg Fault on VLC 1.1.0 Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Keith Page keith at green-light.ca
Tue Jul 20 23:02:09 CEST 2010

On 18/07/10 6:25 AM, Ross Finlayson wrote:
>> I just recompiled the latest stable vlc, x264 from the repo and the
>> ffmpeg snapshot. When I shut down the recording of vlc I'm gettting
>> segfaults that are tracing back to the live555 lib installed.
>> http://pastebin.com/YE0b6ftg
> Thanks for the report.  Unfortunately it wasn't clear from the report
> exactly where the segmentation fault was happening in the
> "MediaSubsession::getNormalPlayTime()" function, and an inspection of
> the code suggests that this probably should not be happening *unless*
> it is being called on a "MediaSubsession" object pointer that has
> already been deleted (or is NULL).  The fact that this error is
> occurring when you shut down VLC adds support to this.
> Therefore, my current suspicion is that the problem is not in our
> library, but instead in the VLC code ("modules_demux_live555.cpp")
> that is calling our library.  I suggest that you contact the VLC
> developers (on a VLC mailing list), telling them about your segfault,
> and asking them it it's possible that
> "tk->sub->getNormalPlayTime(pts)" (in "modules_demux_live555.cpp")
> could be getting called on after "tk->sub" has already been deleted.


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