[vlc-devel] DVB-S scanning

David Kaplan david at 2of1.org
Sat Jul 31 21:58:10 CEST 2010

2010/7/31 Rémi Denis-Courmont <remi at remlab.net>

> We could include the lists as shared data if they were small and static.
> While
> I imagine they are not that big (and easy to compress), I also expect some
> churn over the timespan of a single VLC version. Then, it might not be so
> bright to have the lists offline. Moreover, churn means noise in the source
> code history.

They are fairly static. Unless there's a new provider/sat. Easily

> An online list would require someone to provide the centralized service for
> us, say some HTTP server with predefined channel confs URLs for each
> satellite
> reception geographical areas or whatever. But does that exist? The VideoLAN
> project may (or may not) be able to host the data, but surely not to
> maintain
> it.

Not chan lists - transponder scan lists. We could maybe host on videolan? I
don't mind maintaining but i still think offline is better as lists are
fairly static - at least for the established birds.

> > That way
> > I can reference them from the dvb code and allow for scanning of
> > satellites by sat name/position.
> > Is this something we could consider at all (It'll add a few kb). if so,
> > where's the best place to put them and how should I access the lists from
> > the VLC code (is there a generic way of handling such text file
> resources?)
> Platform-independent data is usually stored in share/*/ and found with
> config_GetDataDir(). But I am not sure it is workable in this case.

Not workable because we're not sure about offline files? Or not workable
because of something else?

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