[vlc-devel] Question about input_item_node_* functions

Austin Burrow atburrow at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 06:02:25 CEST 2010

Hello everyone,


I had a quick question about the workings of input_item_node_* functions.
Looking through the documentation and some code, I've pretty much figured
out how to make an item node, but I was wondering how to remove an item from
the actual list after you've done a call to input_item_node_PostAndDelete.
I've looked around and found input_item_node_Delete, but it looks like that
just deletes my locally created list before (or after) it was posted


For example, the upnp_intel SD module creates a list of UPnP servers and
their sub-items, but when the UPnP servers rebroadcast their files, some
files could be out of date but they aren't being removed from the tree list.
Knowing the workings of input_item_node_* would help me fix this bug.




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