[vlc-devel] Updated patch for ogg/theora seeking

Ilkka Ollakka ileoo at videolan.org
Wed Jun 9 08:52:46 CEST 2010

On Tue, Jun 08, 2010 at 07:28:27PM -0300, salsaman wrote:
>    Please check back in this thread. I asked how to tell if we are dealing
>    with a stream or a file, and I was told to use stream_Control( stream_t *,
>    STREAM_CAN_SEEK, &boolean );


You don't really need to know if access has file or stream coming in do
you? Seems that you just need to know if it can be seeked (fast in this
case seems like the info you need ) so STREAM_CAN_FASTSEEK would tell you if
seeking is really a fast one (like local files etc) or not (not able to
seek, or slow seek like in http-case).

I think there could be still seeking problem even with local files. I
tried that elephantsdream as local file, and it behaved same as behind
http, so maybe patch is missing some boundary limit, or I just had some
other problem in that case. I'll try to test more tonight.

Ilkka Ollakka
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