[vlc-devel] VLC 1.1.0

Christophe Mutricy xtophe at chewa.net
Fri Jun 18 20:15:36 CEST 2010


VLC 1.1.0 is very likely to be released sunday night (european time).

So it's a good time to send your translations.

Sadly due to some oversight from me and lack of time last week, I only
realized yesterday that some strings for some minor filter where
forgotten. Also I might not have watch the other developers closely
enough and there might be modification in 1 or 2 strings.
Sorry about that.

So if you could please redownload your po file from
(clicking on 'raw') before doing final modification/checking.

Sorry for the late notice. But if we trust the history of VLC 0.9.0 and
1.0.0, VLC 1.1.1 should be released pretty soon after 1.0.0. So that
would allow us to fix if needed.

Best regards,


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