[vlc-devel] Getting both audio and video playout for Blackmagic Design Decklink/Intensity

Stuart Cunningham stuart8c at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 14:40:44 CEST 2010


I'm writing a video output module for Blackmagic Design's Decklink &
Intensity cards.  So far I have video playout over SDI and HDMI working
fine, but the difficulty I have now is getting audio playout working as
well.  The code I've added resides in a new file
modules/video_output/decklink.cpp where the Decklink API is initialized and
used for video playback.

The problem with audio is that it's going to be available only in an audio
output module e.g. modules/audio_output/decklink.cpp but this code won't be
able to access the object created in modules/video_output/decklink.cpp.  You
can only have one instance of a Decklink board object, so how would I share
an object created in a video_output module with code in an audio_output

An alternative would be to somehow have modules/video_output/decklink.cpp
handle both audio and video data for output, but I'm not sure the internal
design of VLC allows this.

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