[vlc-devel] xcb/window.c fullscreen in mozilla plugin

David Menestrina dmenest at veetle.com
Fri Jun 25 09:13:07 CEST 2010

Thanks for your comments, Remi.  I agree that the application that 
embeds VLC *should* handle fullscreen... unfortunately there's no way for 
the browser plugin to tell the browser to make the plugin window 
fullscreen.  Do you think the mozilla plugin should handle fullscreen 
itself rather than asking VLC to do it?

As for reparenting, the window we're reparenting is actually a window 
created by the mozilla plugin itself (in vlcshell.cpp:NPP_SetWindow).  So 
I think, at least for the mozilla plugin, the reparenting approach should 
be safe.  I think you're right that event handling is an issue... in the 
30% of the time when the reparenting succeeds, I do notice that there's no 
easy way out of fullscreen mode. :)

One other question...  I noticed that in older versions of the plugin, 
when you resize the plugin window via javascript, the video is resized 
appropriately.  In VLC 1.1, the resize instead crops the video.  The 
mozilla plugin is notified of the resize event, but it (currently) doesn't 
notify VLC that anything has changed.  Do you have any thoughts on the 
right way for VLC to realize that the window it's drawing into has changed 

Thank you!

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