[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Integrate the RTMPdump library to play rtmp and rtmpe streams.

Daniel Tisza dadatis at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 18:45:01 CEST 2010


Thanks for the comments.
I made the suggested changes.
Attached the new independent patch.
Can be tested with the playlist from previous message.

Detailed comments:

> Does librtmp not support pkg-config?

Changed to use PKG_CHECK_MODULES in configure.ac

> Is it always a static library (otherwise why do we need zlib and OpenSSL)?
> This will require GPLv3, oh well.

For these I haven't got enough information...
Now I just use PKG_CHECK_MODULES, which should take care of zlib and OpenSSL?
I did a ./bootstrap, ./configure --enable-rtmpdump and ./compile and
there were no problems of missing functions.

> That will build the plugin inconditionally which is probably wrong.
> I guess it should instead look like:
> libvlc_LTLIBRARIES += $(LTLIBaccess_rtmpdump)
> EXTRA_LTLIBRARIES += libaccess_rtmpdump_plugin.la

Changed to that.

> VLC already defines --socks for this. Do you really need a new option?

Removed the own proxy setting.
Changed to use the proxy from the variable "socks".

> +#ifndef _ACCESS_H_
> +#define _ACCESS_H_ 1
> That's a bit too generic macro name IMHO. Also you should probably not start
> with an underscore, as per the C standard.


> +FILE *netstackdump = 0;
> +FILE *netstackdump_read = 0;
> NULL rather than 0.

Changed to NULL.

> Should use var_InheritString() instead of var_CreateGetNonEmptyString().
> Also, you need to free() the return value somewhere.

Changed to var_InheritString().
Added free() in the RTMPClose() function.

> Same for all of these.

Changed all of them to var_InheritString and added free() calls.

> Use var_InheritBool() and var_InheritInteger().

Changed to var_InheritBool().

> Use NULL.

Changed to NULL.

> +#ifndef _RTMPDUMP_H_
> +#define _RTMPDUMP_H_ 1
> This is quite generic again.

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