[vlc-devel] Google Summer of Code 2010

ashish shubham ashubham at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 23:34:16 CET 2010

Hi Jb,

I am Ashish, a student in India. I read about x264 and VLC project ideas at
their soc ideas webpages. I found the x264 project regarding motion
estimation using the GPU very interesting. Though, I have had little
experience with video encoding, I have worked with CUDA on previous
projects, that makes it exciting for me. Please tell me about the current
state of this project as the webpage was meant to be for GSOC 2009.

Also, regarding the preliminary task related with the project, is it to be
submitted along with the application or is it to be evaluated beforehand ?

Similarly, the Ideas related with the VLC player regarding GPU based
decoding on Linux and windows are also very interesting, I saw one project
was also completed on DXVA integration during gsoc 2009. Please tell me
about the status and work expected for these projects too.


-Ashish Shubham
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