[vlc-devel] bug with the parsing of a MRL by VLC (tested with a rtmp:// uri)

Mathieu SCHROETER mathieu.schroeter at gamesover.ch
Tue Mar 23 20:43:15 CET 2010


I try to use RTMP with VLC, and accordingly to the fact that the
access_rtmp module seems unusable (#error ppc directive), it uses
avformat and it works.

But I've noticed a minor bug when the MRL is parsed by VLC.

For the test, I use:

But '@14845' is parsed like a "title":

[0x7fc2e0000e58] main input debug: 
title=14845/-1 seekpoint=14845/-1
[0xdbfe88] access_avio access debug: Opening 
[0xb62488] qt4 interface debug: IM: Setting an input
Server error: Failed to play  (stream ID: 1).

A workaround is to append an other '@#' at the end..


[0x18c3898] main input debug: 
source=`cp82346.live.edgefcs.net:1935/live?ovpfv=1.1/CSPAN1 at 14845' 
title=0/-1 seekpoint=0/-1
[0x18c3898] main input debug: creating demux: access='rtmp' demux='' 
path='cp82346.live.edgefcs.net:1935/live?ovpfv=1.1/CSPAN1 at 14845'

It uses many time for loading/buffering or something else..
I don't know.. maybe only a parameter to change.. but finally the
stream is read. (wait ~15 sec)

I've tested with MPlayer and ffplay where it is much faster
(wait ~2 sec).

ffplay rtmp://cp82346.live.edgefcs.net:1935/live?ovpfv=1.1/CSPAN1@14845
mplayer -lavfdopts format=flv -demuxer lavf 

   VLC media player 1.1.0-git The Luggage (revision 
1.1.0-ff-609-g81a42a9) (today)
   FFplay version SVN-r22508 (some days ago)
   MPlayer SVN-r30945-4.4.1 (some days ago)


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